Andrew Gaze Jet Fighter Pilot

Regarded as the greatest Basketball player Australia has ever produced, Andrew Gaze has played in a record five Olympic Games,crop-andrew-and-mark and lets not forget this fact. Andrew also is the highest point scorer in Olympic history! and has played in four World Championships and is the second highest point scorer in world championship history. after retiring from basketball and a father of 4 Andrew’s latest challenge is to withstand not another Five Olympic games but to withstand five times the force of gravity in Australia’s best Adventure Jet Fighter the L39 Albatros.

Jet Flight Australia based in the Hunter Valley only a short 1.2 hours drive north of Sydney fly the Latest Fighter Jet on the market.

Andrew was a little apprehensive in going for a fly in the jet fighter, but under the calm atmosphere of Captain Mark Pracy Andrew was able to put his nerves at ease and take to the sky to fulfil the Top Gun Mission for the day. Taking the jet up to 750 KPH in the bright blue sky of the Hunter Valley,Andrew also experienced an Adrenalin rush of 5 times the force of gravity.

Andrew said the Olympic was a walk in the park compared to flying in a jet fighter ,but that is an easy comment to make for a five time Olympian. Jet Flight Australia provide the ultimate jet fighter experience in Australia. For any gift packages and info you can free call mark on 1300 554 876 or email

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