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Jet Flight Australia is the world leader in Top Gun Jet Fighter Rides to the public, The best Jet Fighter Flight Gift packages can be purchased for Xmas, Birthday’s and Anniversary presents. Our Top Gun Jet  Flights to the Victorian community is conducted in the un-congested skies of the Port of Echuca, Just a short drive north of Melbourne, Your short journey north into Jet  Fighter Country will prepare you for the ride of a life time.

Jet Flight is Australia’s longest L-39 jet Fighter operator with a 100% safety record. Your pilots are Australia’s Best and most experienced L-39 operators in the country with Squadron Leader Phil Frawley, ( Royal Australian Airforce Aircombat Jet Fighter Instructor) and Mark Pracy ( Australia’s representative in the Fastest Race on Earth, International Jet Fighter Race Pilot) Mark races in the elite Reno National Air Races In the USA.

The ride of a life time is in the Port of Echuca and it is a short drive from Melbourne, To book a ride with Australia’s Top Gun’s, Just give our office a call.

To secure a Jet Gift Pack give our office a call and all that is required is a $200 deposit and pay the balance when you come and fly.

Safety is the name of the game and you are flying with Australia’s elite jet pilots. Mark Pracy and Phil Frawley.

Contact our office on free call 1300 554 876

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