Guest Speaker Aviation Australia Mark Pracy

International Jet Fighter Race Pilot Mark Pracy has been a Guest Speaker on many occasions in the Hunter Valley and the surrounding region. Mark will bring the magic and power of aviation into the room and share his experiences with the reno-day-5-thursday-226audience first hand. The aviation industry has a common interest with the general public as it is still seen to be mystique and a little  daring, even in modern times.

Mark has a  unique way of placing you in the cockpit at over 500 MPH… 50 feet off the ground traveling at 2 football fields per second in formation with 8 other aircraft representing Australia in the U.S.A against the best pilots in the world.

Mark becomes the listener’s direct connection to the wonder and awe we all feel when flight is achieved. The aviation industry is a fun place to be when things are going good, but it can be a polar opposite when tragedy strikes. Place yourself in this high energy environment and be swept away from the shear thrill, speed, and high G force….not to mention high risk. guest-speaker-hunter-valley-newcastle

Mark operates a successful internationally recognised Jet Fighter Adventure company based in the Hunter Valley N.S.W, taking the public for the ride of a lifetime in his L39 Albatros. Mark has performed many airshows for famous International music artists including Alicia Keys ,John Meloncamp,The Who, Eric Clapton and many more. Mark also has a close connection with the Australian television industry and has made many appearances on adventure and sporting TV programs flying his Jet Fighter.

 To free call Mark for any info or bookings 1300 554 876 

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