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Jet Fighter Ride Specialist “TOP GUN STYLE“. Jet Flight Australia servicing the Wollongong market with Australia’s best gift idea and birthday present adventures.  situated a short drive south of Sydney in the un-congested skies of the Illawarra region. “One of our recent missions.” Hank Moody from Wollongong, “Mark thanks for the ride of a lifetime in your L39, an experience I will never forget what a great birthday gift, Cheers Hank Moody from Wollongong” .  Free Call Mark on 1300 554 876

Wollongong is a major tourist destination in New South Wales. In fact, it is one of the most visited places by Sydney sides. It draws in more than 2.5 million visitors each year. Our Jet Fighter Ride gift package cost’s only a $200 deposit Via Credit Card and pay the balance when you fly.

Our Guarantee is that you will be having the ride of a lifetime.

Experience the joy of ripping across the sky in excess of 900 kph in our modern L-39 Jet Fighter –The Fastest Ride in the CountryPrices start from $1790 for a Top Gun 15 Jet Fighter Mission full of aerobatics rolls, loops and high G maneuvers, to suit your needs. Email Admin

Top Gun Mission 15   This great mission takes the rider straight to work going vertical in the matter of minutes not to mention rolls, loops and aerobatic air combat maneuvers. $1790

Top Gun Mission 20  This Mission is Hot and intense with heat pumping aerobatics and extra time to absorb the G force  As you begin the take off roll pushed back in your seat from sheer power of 4000 pounds of thrust coming on-line and taking you skyward . $2290

Top Gun Mission 25 The Mission of Champions, full of all that heat pumping aerobatics above the Australian landscape and settle down for the low-level run down the coast ,,,Now we are moving !! $2690

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Just like the Movie “Top Gun’, we dress you up in our flight gear, and the crew will give the safety briefing for your flight. You have full communication with the pilot at all times.

FREE CALL MARK ON 1300 554 876

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