Jet Fighter Rides Adelaide South Australia – Parafield Airshow

Welcome to the Number ‘1’ Top Gun Jet Fighters Rides in South Australia Adelaide

jetfighter-flights-melbourneSouth Australia will experience the best jet fighter flights with Australia’s only L39 International Jet Fighter Race Pilot, on the weekend of the 25th of April 2012. Jet Flight Australia will perform for the people of South Australia at the Internode Airshow in Adelaide and they can take the ride of a life time in Australia’s Fastest ride. Our team will be servicing the Adelaide market with the thrill rides flying out of Goolwa S.A . From the Adelaide S.A metro area our fighter base is situated a short drive north in the un-congested skies of the Goolwa.

Call Mark on 1300 554 876. Let us look after your Jet Fighter Ride gift package with only a $200 deposit Via Credit Card and pay the balance when you fly.

We guarantee you will be flying with Australia’s most experienced L39 jet pilots, current International Jet Fighter Race Pilot and Flight Instructor. 

Experience the joy of ripping across the sky in excess of 900 kph in our modern ex military L-39 Jet Fighter..Prices start from $1400 for a Top Gun 15 Jet Fighter Mission, full of aerobatic rolls, loops and high G maneuvers. View our TV Jet Video’s at bottom of this page, Matty Johns Footy Show, 7 Sunrise and Olympian Andrew Gaze.

South Australia will come alive on the weekend of the 25th April 2012 as The L39 will perform a high energy aerobatic routine at the Internode Airshow at Parafield airport .    contact mark for any booking… Dont miss out.. There will be no thrill ride out of parafield airfield only the airshow display.


Free Call 1300 554 876


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