Seven Sunrise Jet Fighter Reno Air Race

THREE Australians will roar across the Nevada desert in September as the biggest ever Aussie contingent goes for golddsc_0002 in the race billed as the Fastest Race On Earth. Mark Pracy and Lachie Onslow of Armidale will join veteran Johnny “Rocket” Kokshoorn in the heart-stopping jet class of the US National Championship Air Races in Reno Nevada.The Jets will travel at speeds of up to 900km/h and as low as 20m above the desert floor as they race other Jet Fighters around an 8 mile course with pylons to guide them around the track  before a crowd of more than 200,000 and millions of TV viewers. The Guys came together for a TV interview with Seven Sunrise and Mark Pracy who owns and operates a Jet fighter flight adventure company in the Hunter Valley. The pilots are subject to forces of 4G while flying at low-level, and Edwina Bartholomew from 7 Sunrise in Sydney went up in the jet fighter with race pilot Mark Pracy over the skies of the Hunter Valley to experience what it is like in Australia’s Fastest Ride. you can contact Mark on 1300 554 876 or email





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