Top Gun Flights – Jet Fighter Flights Australia

Top Gun L39 Flights in our production aircraft is Australia’s best kept secret. The aircraft is still in service around the world. The super sleek  modern L39C albatros jet can reaches speeds up to 910km/hr!! The is available to the public in Sydney’s weekend Getaway destination, and Australia’s fine Wine and Dine region, “The Hunter Valley” only a 1.2 hours drive north of Sydney.  That is what a fun-filled weekend is all about.

The Top Gun Flights Jet Flight Australia offer is the best adventure sport available . Tearing through the sky at 900 KPH, the L39C jet is the fastest two seater jet available for private adventure flights in Australia, guaranteed to get your adrenaline pumping. The jet featured in the James Bond film, ‘Tomorrow Never Dies’.

Flying in the L39C is an experience that people just don’t forget. From the initial mission briefing when you arrive, the vertical limit penetration of the ultra fast machine, the whole experience just takes you over.

Built in 1983, the L39C has a 100 per cent safety record and is equipped with the latest in Smart Redundant Systems – specialised back-up systems. Originally used as a military training plane and strike fighter, the plane has only done 1,700 flight hours. Top Gun Flights’ like these are forever embedded in the memory of the rider. We have dedicated in-house engineering staff with the safety of the jet at hands reach..

Air Show & Flight Instructor Pilot, Captain Mark Pracy tailors each flight to suit the individual and while lots of people like to push it to the limit with complicated aerobatics and high speeds, Jet Flight Australia also take people up for much calmer flights. You’re in command of your own mission

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