Terms & Conditions: Deposits or Vouchers will be considered to be in full acceptance of the terms and condition of this agreement, all vouchers and deposits for flight have an expiry date 6 months after the purchase date.

All passengers must be briefed on flight safety and sign a waiver form with CASA stipulations before flight with no exceptions.

Passenger must be of reasonable health and fitness and be able to enter and exit the aircraft on their own and wear closed in shoes.

The rider must read the passenger briefing card before the flight, it’s printed on the back of the Mission Statement document supplied to the customer.

All Gift Vouchers are not redeemable for cash, the voucher can be transferred to another person. The voucher has no expiry date. All refund request are at the discretion of Halbatross P/L and an administration fee may occur if approved. The remaining balance will be paid on the day at the current listed price plus any fuel surcharge price over $2.50 per litre. Use the table below to estimate the fuel surcharge if applicable.

Safe Jet operations are based on varying conditions, weather, rain, fog, high wind, extreme heat, dust, smoke, covid, mechanical issues and restricted airport operations.  These are some of the situations that can suspended operations based on safety. The customer must be fully aware of these conditions.

Halbatross P/L take no responsibility for any travel or accommodation in case of cancelation due to a safety concern. If any flights are cancelled due to safety, we will reschedule the flight in consultation with the customer.

We pride ourselves with a good safety record and this is achieved with good preparation understanding and communication. Our customers play an integral part in our operation and we like to keep them fully informed.

Fuel Surcharge, with the current situation of fuel price volatility around the world it is impossible to predict future fuel prices, in jet fighter operations fuel is a major cost factor to manage. The mission prices advertised is based on the sale fuel price listed.  (Sale Fuel Price up to $2.50 per litre.

To get a current fuel price call Donna on 1300554876
15 min mission 200 litres usage
20 min mission 250 litres usage
25 min mission 300 litres usage
30 min mission 350 litres usage
35 min mission 400 litres usage

(Example) If your voucher has a Sale Fuel Price of Up to $2.50 per litre and you have a 20 min mission. At the time of taking your flight the bowser price has increased to $2.70 per litre. A surcharge of 20 cents x 250 litres = surcharge of $50. Plus the remaining balance of the current sale mission price.

This surcharge maintains the integrity of our premium flights and service to our customers, this fuel surcharge also maintains price control and stops over-inflating price increases as a reaction of attempting to predict the fuel market. This works well for the customer with true price control and transparency.  

Sale Fuel Price means the maximum fuel cost acceptable per litre for a listed mission