About Us

Jet Flight Pilot : Captain Mark Pracy was born in Sydney Australia and started his flying career in 1986. Mark has since provided thousands of dream flights for many Top Gun passengers from all over the world, as a professional low level Jet Fighter Airshow Display Pilot and Flight Instructor Mark Is the only certified Australian pilot to race the L39 Albatros in the Fastest Motor Sport on Earth, the Reno Air Races in the Nevada Desert. Jet Flight Australia has purchased another L-39 in the USA and will be competing in the Jet Class Race in 2011.

Aviation expertise comes from flying more than one type of operation . Mark’s experience has allowed him to fly professionally at airshows,  flight training, flight testing antique aircraft also high performance multi engine aircraft and now Air Racing in the USA. Being a good pilot is important but there is more to consider, the aircraft is a major factor Jetride Australia operate the L39 Albatros the most modern Fighter Jet on the Australian market with its superior power, speed and reliability. As market leaders in the adventure industry our company is the only one to offer the millionaire for day packages be it helicopters and lunch. Our clientele is from all around the world and many from Sydney as it is only a short drive up to the Hunter Valley Cessnock region .

We structure our jet fighter flights so that our passengers always get personal attention and don’t feel like they are on a time limit. We limit our bookings per day to allow for potential over run in time. We believe that if you’re having fun, then so are we.

Jet Ride work in conjunction with other adventure operators providing the right ride for the right person. Jetride is a great believer in the preservation of historical military aircraft .