THREE Australians will roar across the Nevada desert in September as the biggest ever Aussie contingent goes for gold in the race billed as the fastest on earth. Mark Pracy and Lachie Onslow of Armidale will join veteran Johnny “Rocket” Kokshoorn inreno-day-5-thursday-226 the heart-stopping jet class of the US National Championship Air Races in Reno, Nevada.Kiwi-born Kokshoorn, who now lives on the Gold Coast, became the first pilot from Australia to enter the jet race last year and was named rookie of the year. Pracy, from Maitland in the NSW Hunter Valley, and Onslow, from Armidale, NSW, will travel at speeds of up to 800km/h and as low as 20m above the desert as they race other jets around inflatable pylons before a crowd of more than 200,000.The two newcomers have passed the rigorous assessment phase for the event under the keen eye of a former space shuttle commander, Curt Brown.Pracy, who operates fighter rides and is a formation aerobatic flight instructor, will fly a Czech-built L-39 Albatros fighter. Onslow, who runs a fleet of helicopters, will pilot a Polish TS-11 Iskra while Kokshoorn will compete in a re-engined L-29 Delfin. Pracy says the Australian contingent has been warmly welcomed by their American counterparts, who have done everything possible to help. It has also created interest in Australia.It is a race that needs not only nerves of steel but split-second timing and intense focus.

Pilots are subject to forces of 4G while flying at low-level, wing tip to wing tip with eight other aircraft.”You just focus everything on the race,” Pracy says. “Everything’s outside the cockpit so if you’ve got an issue going on with the plane, flashing lights, you probably won’t see them because you’re looking outside. You’ll only know when you get a reaction from the aeroplane and that’s when you go into emergency procedures straight away.”And how does he rate the chances of the Aussies?”Our chances are good. We’ve got the right machines to do it.”While Pracy says the Americans have the money to modify their aircraft, he says Kokshoorn’s decision to put a Rolls-Royce Viper engine in his L-29 has doubled the plane’s thrust.”He’s got an older aircraft, but he’s probably got the same power as me and he’s lighter.”

As Australia’s leading Jet Fighter Adventure company, Official Survival has come on board as major sponsor for our American based L39 jet fighter in the “Fastest Race On Earth” with Captain Mark Pracy at the controls. The Reno National Air Races in the United States is the worlds Fastest Motor Sport attracting elite aviators from all over the planet. The crowds and TV audience will be in the millions, Jet Flight Australia’s goal is to reinforce the great friendship between our 2 countries and to assist in boosting product sales for Official Survival. We are also proud to joined by this leading Australian Clothing brand Official Survival this should make an interesting alliance as we plan the future. The best communications system for aviators has also joined the Reno race team EQ1 wireless head set communications ,this would have to be one of the best aviation product on the Market watch this space. Pracy Racing has had the luck in having Australia’s premier fuel supplier Aero Refuellers come on board as a fuel sponsor in the up and coming Reno National Air Races…

Welcome to Australia’s Number ‘1’ Jet Fighter Operation and promotion tool. The success of a good product is in the service and recognition it attracts. If you have succeeded in this the media will soon follow in the form of Tv, Radio, promotions, branding and of course our main goal the general public, to the right Bisley Workwear have seen the potential in using our jet fighter as a great promotional product as well below Just Jeans did the same using the jet to promote there product. International recognition of our premium product keeps our company strong and well driven for personal service. Flying airshow displays for VIP guests, also flying Australian famous personalities as listed below…. keep the International and local Guest coming to us!!. There is so much to see and do in the Hunter Valley Wine Country region of New South Wales, it is an ideal destination for a weekend escape or an extended holiday base. The Hunter Valley is within easy reach of the Sydney CBD – in less than 1.2 hours you can be deep within the lush valleys and rolling hills of one of Australia’s historic and best wine producing areas ,the vineyards in the Hunter valley is fast becoming Sydney’s new single day getaway destination. Pokolbin in the Hunter Valley is the adventure capital of N.S.W providing Jet Fighter Flights you can also Sky Dive, go Ballooning, Helicopter Flights or even old Warbird Flights and much more.


Jet Flight Australia has excepted the invitation to participate in one of Australia’s best regional airshows in the border town of Echuca on April the 3rd. Captain Mark Pracy will showcase the L-39 Albatros and display the capabilities of our beautiful Jet Fighter to the airshow fans of Echuca.


One of the latest promotions for our L-39 Jet Fighter is the Just Jeans promotion conducted by our leading adventure sales team Adrenalin, who promote the Jet in line with a clothing Style as featured in the advert, and the response was amazing.


On the international front the Jet Fighter concept has reached China with a delegation experiencing the ride of a Back Camera lifetime, and give the thumbs up approval of our Australian hospitality and world renowned product. Jet Flight Australia has made many International guests the proud crew member of our Jet Fighter Team.





Jet Flight has entered the International stage by organising a team of dedicated people to participate in the Fastest Race on Earth !! Our team has purchased another L-39 Albatros Jet Fighter to fulfill this dream. Basing the new Jet in the USA for the “ULTIMATE”motor sport in Nevada. The 2011 Reno Air Race will be taking place in mid September and Jet Flight Australia will be participating in the Fastest Motor Sport on Earth, with speeds in excess of 500 MPH, 20 metres off the ground. The race attracts the best of the best in International aviation. To view the race website link, click on the Pracy Racing image below. Wish us luck !!


Five times basket ball Aussie Olympian,, Andrew Gaze experienced 5 times the force of gravity on Australia’s favorite Jet Fighter Ride. Captain Mark crop andrew and mark Pracy took Andrew through the safety brief and then strapped in for a ride of a lifetime, looping and rolling though the skies of the Hunter Valley. The experience left Andrew with a new found outlook on the life of a Jet Fighter Pilot, Andrew said the Olympics was a walk in the park compared to flying in a Fighter Jet !!. That’s an easy comment from the man who has the most points scored in basket ball Olympic history. What a remarkable Australian.