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Welcome to Australia’s Number ‘1’  Top Gun Jet Fighters Rides – Sydney – Melbourne

Jet Fighter Ride Specialist ‘TOP GUN STYLE‘. Jetride Australia service the Sydney market with Australia’s best Jet fighter gift idea and birthday present you could imagine, our service allows you to tick off the ultimate bucket-list item with Australia’s world class jet fighter organisation. From Sydney N.S.W metro area our  fighter base is situated a short drive north in the un-congested skies of the Hunter Valley NSW.

Jetride is Australia’s longest running L-39, jet fighter operator with the most experienced pilots on type, making us Australia’s “No 1’ choice in Jet Fighter Operations. we specialise in making you feel like one of our crew members and not a passenger.

Why Are We The Best?

  • The longest running L-39 jet fighter operation in Australia
  • Australia’s most experienced L-39 Jet Pilots
  • World recognised best experience in jet operations
  • The ONLY jet operation with a current RAAF Military combat jet fighter pilot and an international jet fighter race pilot “ready to make your dreams come true”. and we own the business…

Let us look after your Jet Fighter Flight $200 gift voucher Via Credit Card and pay the the current listed price on the day you fly.

Experience the joy of ripping across the sky in excess of 900 kph  in our modern ex military L-39 Jet Fighter –The Fastest Ride in the Country…Prices start from $1490 for a Top Gun 15 Jet Fighter Mission, full of aerobatic rolls, loops and high G manoeuvres.

We specialise in making your dream flight something to remember forever, with an in-flight movie of your experience available on request. Contact our jet base 7 days a week.

Free Call   1300 554 876

Sydney’s new weekend getaway destination in Pokolbin The Hunter Valley,  Top Gun riders travel from all over the world to experience our Jet in the air with no air traffic delays. Your friends can watch from our great viewing area, this is unique to our airport making our jet base Australia’s number ‘1 ‘  jet fighter destination. Like thousands of Sydney jet riders before you, come and enjoy the wineries, top class restaurants and bring the family along to witness the flight.

Fuel Surcharge, with the current situation of fuel price volatility around the world it is impossible to predict future fuel prices, in jet fighter operations fuel is a major cost factor to manage. The mission prices advertised is based on the sale fuel price listed.  (Sale Fuel Price up to $2.50 per litre. Any surcharge implemented maintains the integrity of our premium flights and service to our customers also maintains price control. Our action also stops over-inflated price increases as a reaction of attempting to predict the fuel market. This works well for the customer with true price control and transparency, see terms and conditions.

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Andrew Gaze Jet Fighter flight with Jet Ride Australia Sydney

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