Jet Flight Australia Market Leaders in Jet Fighter Operations Based in The Hunter Valley Cessnock region 1.2 hours drive north of Sydney….. Cessnock Airport. Free call 1300 554 876

The weather plays a major part in our operation. Jet Ride is not responsible for any cancellations due to weather or mechanical breakdowns in regards to helicopter transfer, car hire, accommodation , domestic and international airline travel . Safety is our main concern and this will not be compromised. Mechanical breakdown is a safety factor and no compensation will be paid rider for any cancelations and Rescheduling of the flight will take place.

A: No but the voucher can be transferable with conditions.

A: You can pay cash, cheque, credit and debit card over the phone if you wish, credit card purchase on the remaining balance and DVD incur a charge of 3%

A: Comfortable shoes, please no high heels. You will be fitted out with a full flight suit and helmet.

A: Vouchers or deposits expire after 6 months, so you must stay in contact.

A: Don’t worry we have you on file.

A: Yes give us a call 48 hours in advance. If you reschedule your flight you may end up in a group with other riders

A: No refunds on gift vouchers but you can tranfer the ride to someone else as long it is valid.

A: If you do not turn up for your sheduled flight “this is a no show” it will cost you 50% of the flight, so keep in touch.

A: Yes at a price of $190 plus $50 for each additional copy as you may wear the original copy out on the first night.

A: Yes of course Shirts $25 hats $30 each

A: Yes as all adventure sports by law all riders are required to acknowledge Civil Aviation Regulation 262am. Safety, Weather and Unscheduled maintenance play a big part in our operation, as you may have to be rescheduled at short notice at no cost to JetRide Australia.


The design, manufacture, and airworthiness of the aircraft are not required to meet any standard recognized by CASA; and CASA does not require the aircraft to be operated to the same degree of safety as an aircraft on a commercial passenger flight; and The passenger flies in the aircraft at his or her own risk.

‘WARNING: Persons fly in this Aircraft at their own risk. This Aircraft has been designed for special operations and is not operated to the same safety standards as a normal commercial passenger flight’.